UO Academic Extension

Additional Services

Conference Services

Conference Services provides administrative support to a variety of conferences and non-credit workshops, including events offered by academic departments and individual faculty members.

Conference Services hosts activities for UO students and community members, academic societies, associations, regional meetings, and non-academic community-interest programs.

Cooperative Educational Partnerships

The mission and academic assets of the University can be combined with the interests of external organizations through a variety of cooperative educational partnerships. UO Academic Extension offers a number of services and physical resources for facilitating such partnerships.

Customized and Corporate Training

Customized corporate trainings enable businesses to take advantage of University of Oregon teaching resources to help meet the changing technology and business needs of their employees.

Academic Extension also works with organizations to structure learning activities into verifiable units. By partnering with Academic Extension, businesses, non-profits, and government organizations can develop and administer trainings on- or offsite, offering Professional Development Units (PDUs), Continuing Education Units (CEUs), or UO Credit.