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Matthews Family Gospel Singers - African American Gospel Music

The Matthews Family Gospel Singers (Hood River) managed by Eler, one of the 22 children who moved to Odell, Oregon with their parents, performs traditional gospel songs. The family lived in a small schools house in Odell, where their preacher-parents established their church. Eler and her daughter carry on as ministers and the family still comes together to sing traditional gospel songs for public events.


Matthews Family Gospel Singers are a group of African American traditional gospel singers. This singing style is characterized by four-part harmony with a lead singer who "lines out" the verse in a call and response pattern. Eler Meyers Matthews, one of the twenty-two Matthews children of her generation, manages the group. Her parents were non-denominational Apostolic Christians ministers who moved their family from Oklahoma to Arizona and eventually to Odell, Oregon. They settled into a small schoolhouse, which served as the family home and their congregation's church. The Matthews children grew up singing gospel hymns as an essential part of daily life, joining together to sing a cappella and with piano or organ accompaniment. While few of the original family members remain in the Hood River area, Eler and her daughter, Denisa continue to serve as ministers for the church in their home. Mother and daughter sing gospels songs every day. Though the family is scattered across the country, the Matthews Family always looks forward to the public events and concerts that call them home to perform together.

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Eler Meyers Matthews
3870 Central Vale Dr.
Hood River (Or.), OR, 97031

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