UO Academic Extension

Paul Katz, Associate Director

1277 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1277

Paul Katz is the associate director of Academic Extension at the University of Oregon. He is responsible for sharing leadership across the unit, with particular concentrations on business management and administration, and directing the development, operation, and staffing of the Conference Services group. In his Conference Services role, he maintains relationships with the executives of international, national, and state educational organizations. He creates and fulfills service contracts that in many cases have run consecutively for more than 20 years, and fosters technological innovation, which has become a trademark of this group.

Starting as a graduate teaching fellow in 1982, working for the Continuation Center (now Academic Extension), Paul completed his MS in physical education while creating a rich integration between Academic Extension and the College of Human Development and Performance. In this role, he began producing professional conferences, and building a highly trained staff to serve the conference-related administrative needs of the campus community. Over the past three decades this operation has blossomed, and though services to campus are limited, the range of events and numbers of educators affected are dramatic.

Thought of as a thoroughly dedicated staff member, on the personal side, Paul is family-oriented, taking great pleasure in his marriage and three children, and now a first grandchild. Activities outside work include a great deal of walking, reading, enjoying the Ducks, and travel.