UO Academic Extension

Academic Extension Program Review

The self-study summary pdf below was developed during Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 as the first phase of an academic-year-long “program review” of University of Oregon Academic Extension. The review process was led by Barbara Altmann, vice provost, UO Academic Affairs.

The Organizational Structure, Services and Programs, and Business Model sections of the self-study describe current and recent activities. Notably, the university is undergoing a marked number of institutional transitions that may well alter the mission and operations of Academic Extension in the coming one to three years; these are addressed in the Emerging Issues section of the self-study. The self-study concludes with a section on Big Ideas, addressing a few key areas of potential transformation for Academic Extension.

Download the March 3, 2014 Self-Study

External Review Committee site visit April 17-18, 2014 Agenda

External Review Committee Members

Academic Extension Response to Report of External Review Committee