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University of Oregon Courses for High School Students Program

The University of Oregon Courses for High School Students (UOCHSS) Program is designed for high school students who would like to take advantage of furlough and non-school days to further their education. The UOCHSS faculty consists of volunteers from several different departments: Neil Bania in Planning, Public Policy and Management; Elizabeth Bohls in English; Jane Cramer in Political Science; Christopher Doe in Biology; Michael Dreiling in Sociology; Marina Guenza in Chemistry; Laura Leete in Planning, Public Policy and Management; Tom Lininger in Law; Andrew Marcus in Chemistry; Hillary Nadeau in Education; Clinton Sandvick in History; and Jeffery Measelle in Psychology. Students in the UOCHSS Program have an opportunity to take rigorous college-level classes, but the size of the classes is smaller than is typical in college, and the classes consist solely of high school students.

For more information about the program, including course meeting dates, download the detailed UOCHSS Program overview.

Application Procedure

Winter/Spring 2016

PS 199: Sp St Comp Poli Sci
Credits: 4
Instructors: Jane Cramer, Keith Eddins, Tom Lininger, and Jeff Measelle

This course introduces students to fundamental concepts used by political scientists to study the processes and outcomes of politics in a variety of country settings. The course aims to illustrate the rich diversity of political life, to show available institutional alternatives, to explain differences in processes and policy outcomes, and to communicate to students the importance of global political and economic changes. In addition to covering the major concepts that are used to organize and interpret what we know about political phenomena and relationships, the course will focus on six countries and their governments: China, Great Britain, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia. By using these six countries, the course can move the discussion of concepts from abstract definition to concrete example, noting that not all concepts will be equally useful in all country settings. While this course is not officially an AP course, the syllabus will be similar to the course description for AP Comparative Government, available at www.apcentral.collegeboard.com.

EC 199: Sp St Macroeconomics
Credits: 4
Instructors: Laura Leete, Tom Lininger, and Jeff Measelle

This course examines the aggregate (macro-level) performance of a market economy consisting of many independent decision-makers, such as individuals, firms and governments. The course explores how we measure overall economic performance and the problems that may arise in a market economy, including inflation and unemployment. The course then examines the role of monetary policy in the economy, particularly through the Federal Reserve Bank, by its effect on interest rates, inflation and economic growth, and the role of fiscal policy (for example, government taxation and spending) on macroeconomic performance. Finally, the course examines international economic links between nations, including the role of exchange rates. Students should come away from the class with the ability to understand the economic phenomena we read and hear about every day, as well as a better ability to judge the economic merits of various proposals by policymakers. While this class is not officially an AP class, the syllabus will be similar to the course description for AP Microeconomics, available at www.apcentral.collegeboard.com.

Application Procedure

Students who wish to enroll in the UOCHSS Program must send an e-mail to Tom Lininger at lininger@uoregon.edu. The e-mail must include the following information:

  1. The applicant's name, grade level, and school;
  2. The name, phone number and e-mail address of the applicant's parent or guardian;
  3. The course or courses in which the applicant wishes to enroll;
  4. Whether the applicant has maintained a 3.0 grade point average for the past two years;
  5. Whether the applicant intends to enroll on a graded or pass/no pass basis.

For information on course content or the approval process, contact Tom Lininger at lininger@uoregon.edu.

Use of UOCHSS Credit by Future Full-Time UO Students

Students who take courses in the UOCHSS Program will receive UO college credit. If the students go on to attend the University of Oregon, this coursework will not count toward University of Oregon's group requirements or required courses for a major. For example, if the student wants take EC 199 through UOCHSS, the credit will not count towards Social Studies group requirements. Additionally, if the student plans to major in Economics at the University of Oregon, then EC 199 cannot be substituted for EC 202: Microeconomics. UOCHSS credits can be used toward elective credits at the UO.

Tom Lininger