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University of Oregon Courses for High School Students Program

As of February 2017, the University of Oregon Courses for High School Students (UOCHSS) Program is no longer available.

Volunteer faculty from several different departments had graciously supported this program designed for high school students who sought to take advantage of furlough and non-school days to further their education.

Interested in other opportunities for high school students in the Eugene area? Here are a few options:

For more information about what courses were offered in the program download the detailed UOCHSS Program overview.

Use of UOCHSS Credit by Future Full-Time UO Students

Students who took courses in the UOCHSS Program received UO college credit. If the students go on to attend the University of Oregon, this coursework will not count toward University of Oregon's group requirements or required courses for a major. For example, if the student wants take EC 199 through UOCHSS, the credit will not count towards Social Studies group requirements. Additionally, if the student plans to major in Economics at the University of Oregon, then EC 199 cannot be substituted for EC 202: Microeconomics. UOCHSS credits can be used toward elective credits at the UO.