UO Academic Extension

Gateway to a Selection of Credit Courses

For-credit programs for admitted students and non-admitted community members.

Degrees and Credit Courses

Students from a wide range of experience and educational backgrounds may take courses for credit through Academic Extension. These credit courses cover a broad spectrum of interests from Arts and Administration to the Northwest Indian Language Institute.

Degrees, Certificates and Licenses

Applied Information Management Program

An online master's degree program for full-time professionals. Specializing in information management, information design, business management, and applied research.

Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership Program in Oregon

Masters, doctoral, reading endorsement, and administrator licensure programs available in Eugene, online, and throughout the state.

Innovation Engineering

Noncredit courses in creating, communicating, and commercializing innovative ideas across a range of disciplines. At the UO in Portland.

Master's Industrial Internship Program

Master's degree programs in Chemistry, Applied Physics, and Biology. This program trains students in the real-world knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the industrial research laboratory.

Substance Abuse Prevention Program (SAPP)

Credit courses in the area of alcohol and other drug prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery methods. Many courses are offered in the evenings and on weekends.

Special Programs

Archaeological Field School

Onsite immersive field school opportunity for archaeology students from a broad range of backgrounds. Summer-only.

Northwest Indian Language Institute

Provides training to Native language teachers and community members in language teaching, development, and support toward the goal of preserving languages and creating communities of speakers.

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

Located in Charleston, Oregon, OIMB offers students a practical look at marine biology. Open to all qualified students and those interested in continuing education.

Pacific NW Preservation Field School

Historic preservation field school is intended for anyone interested in working in a hands-on environment, to learn about preservation by doing it, and interested in seeing a spectacular part of the United States.

General Access to Credit Courses

Community Education Program

An opportunity for nondegree seeking students to register for University of Oregon classes without formal admission. Credits earned as a CEP student are recorded on a UO transcript.

Distance Education

Online courses available for admitted and nonadmitted students from several academic programs. Courses can be taken anywhere with an Internet connection and occur during regular academic term dates.

Summer Session

Admitted and nonadmitted students can take summer session classes that are offered throughout the summer and vary in length. A great chance to get ahead in your studies or take a class for fun!

Cooperative Educational Partnerships

The mission and academic assets of the University can be combined with the interests of external organizations through a variety of cooperative educational partnerships. UO Academic Extension offers a number of services and physical resources for facilitating such partnerships.

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