UO Academic Extension

Teaching Language to Others (Undergraduate)

Date: January 16-March 24, 2017
Day and Time: Online
Presenter/Instructor(s): Robert Elliott, Janne Underriner
CRN: 26612
Department: LING
Number: 410
Credits: 01
Fee: $180
Grade Option: Optional
Registration Deadline: 01/18/2017

This is the second in a series of three online professional development courses designed for teachers of Native American languages. Becoming a Native language teacher can be about teaching your own children, becoming a language mentor, or becoming a formal teacher in a school or language program. With Indigenous language teaching what methods work? What doesn't work? How can we best serve our learners?

This course is designed to expand your "toolkit" so you can better share and teach your language with others. We will cover topics ranging from needs assessment, curriculum planning, writing objectives, community engagement, and language in the home. The class will be online, asynchronous and discussion based, and it will be centered on a series of weekly readings, resources, discussions and tasks.

Online registration not currently available for this course