UO Academic Extension

Laura Abbott, Executive Support Specialist

1277 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1277

Laura Abbott provides executive support for the management team of Academic Extension at the University of Oregon. She is responsible for managing calendars, coordinating and tracking professional organizations for Academic Extension, and assisting with varying administrative duties across the department. In addition, Laura manages human resource functions, including monitoring the hiring process of new staff, search committee support, onboarding, and general policies. Laura completed her BA in early childhood and elementary education and her MEd in curriculum design and instructional technology at Northwest Christian University (NCU) in Eugene.

Laura began her higher education career as a student assistant for the Enrollment Services department at Northwest Christian University in 2009. Soon after graduation, she was offered a position as the administrative assistant to the director of teacher education and the licensure coordinator for the School of Education and Counseling at NCU. She quickly assumed duties as an academic advisor for the Teacher Education and School Counseling programs. Laura’s current hobbies include spending time with her son, cooking, and traveling.

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