UO Academic Extension

Elizabeth Moore, Resource Manager

1277 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1277

Elizabeth Moore is the resource manager for Conference Services at Academic Extension. She shares leadership of the Conference Services team, broadly assessing resources and technological innovation. She builds and maintains client partnerships while taking primary responsibility for the structuring and supervision of the registration and content management services.

Elizabeth completed her BA in religious studies and classical civilizations in 1998 and her MA in Classics in 2001 at University of Oregon. Starting as a program coordinator in 2002 at the Continuation Center (now Academic Extension), she developed expertise in the delivery of conference registration, event staff logistics, and session proposal submission and review systems, with particular emphasis on staff management and technological solutions. Acting as resource manager since 2005, Elizabeth is a dedicated staff mentor and has been instrumental in developing and implementing strategic plans in conjunction with Conference Services leadership, which prioritizes service delivery, technological advancement, and work-team development.

Elizabeth is dedicated to her family, and enjoys spending her leisure time sailing, reading, cooking, and gardening.