UO Academic Extension

Carrie Cook, Program Manager

1277 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1277

Carrie Cook is a program manager for Academic Extension at the University of Oregon. She began working for Academic Extension (formally Summer Session) in 2006, right after receiving a bachelor’s degree in political science from the UO. Carrie works primarily with credit and noncredit undergraduate and pipeline programs. Some of her other programs include the Oregon Law Summer Sports Institute, Northwest Indian Language Institute, and general coordination of promotional efforts for Summer Session.

Carrie has previously served as institutional representative to the Association of University Summer Sessions (AUSS), the North American Association of Summer Sessions (NAASS), and the Western Association of Summer Sessions (WASSA).

Carrie is a native Oregonian and an enthusiastic Duck supporter, which includes serving three years as the secretary in the Lane County chapter of the UO Alumni Association. Married to a fellow Duck, you can find her watching Duck or professional sports or traveling throughout the United States. One of her proudest personal achievements was walking the Portland Marathon in 2011.